The indispensable ticket application for ticket sellers worldwide.

Ticketapp is an easy-to-use application, completely adjustable to your personal needs as a venue owner. Last summer ticket vendors already sold more than 100,000 tickets with our application!

After realizing how painstaking it is to sell tickets in most tourist-areas we decided we could do it better. The motivation of seeking improvement and 10 years of experience within the leisure sector has provided us with deep understanding of what our customers need. This understanding makes it possible for us to provide an excellent service making ticket sales easier than ever.

Offline selling, online advantages.

Management Advantages

At any given time from any given place you’re able to see the real time sales of your discotheque or party. You can see detailed information about your event like:

  • The amount of tickets already sold and still available.
  • Detailed information about the previous day's (sales data)
  • Amount of tickets sold online, via pin and via cash.
  • Ticket sales per ticket seller.
  • Always an overview on how much money every ticket seller has in their pocket and what amount of money they owe the owner or manager.
  • See and use phone numbers and email addresses for marketing purposes.

Fraud prevention, mistake diminisher and no more lost tickets or wristbands!